Political posturing

Millions on luxury limos and top-end cars

Local authorities in UK splashed a grand total of £2,689,959 on luxury limos and top-end cars between 2019 and 2022 – primarily to ferry their mayors to ribbon-cutting ceremonies and photoshoots. It’s worth remembering some of these are the same councils that have declared a climate emergency, and insist they’re strapped for cash.


The data shows Birmingham City Council splurged the most, spending £59,884 on the leasing of both a Range Rover and a Jaguar F-Pace Saloon in the last three years. The F-Pace even boasted a personalised number plate.


In total, at least 182 cars were leased or purchased for the benefit of the local mayor, including an Audi A8, a Mercedes S-Class, and a Lexus RX. Hammersmith and Fulham, Southampton and Falkirk all own Tesla models for their leaders. This might seem a bit much, although they can look on in envy at Glasgow who ran a Rolls-Royce Ghost.


Despite many councils declaring a climate emergency, only a third of the 162 councils with cars were using green vehicles. Staffordshire council declared a climate emergency in July 2019 and then spent £39,315 on a Jaguar XJ. As always, nice work if you can get it.